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01/13 53 Iraqi Parties Withdraw from Elections

01/13 No Child Left Behind... by Aggressive Military Recruiters

01/13 SEC Prepares NYSE Charges-Report

01/13 Oil Climbs to 6-Week High, Tops $48

01/13 Merging the World Bank and IMF


01/12 Ridge Seeks Fingerprints On Passports

01/12 McCartneys' $1.9m tsunami donation

01/12 DA Arrested in Texas Court on Drug Charge

01/12 Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Challenges To Presidential/Chief Justice Elections

01/12 Voting For Ghosts In The Iraqi Election

01/12 Iraq’s Power Sinks To Record Low: U.S. General

01/12 Powell Sees Troops Returning This Year

01/12 US trade gap a sign of growing economy: Snow

01/12 U.S. Trade Deficit Soars to All-Time High 60.3Billion

01/12 U.S. Ends Hunt For WMD 

01/12 US trade gap swells to record as exports drop

01/12 Oil Creeps Towards $47 on Supply Concerns

01/12 Oil: $46 and rising

01/12 US soldier killed in western Iraq (1357)

01/12 Insurgents ambush US convoy in Iraq (Mosul)

01/12 Baghdad gripped in fear ahead of elections

01/12 Trucks carrying Iraqi coins are robbed (Baghdad)

01/12 Age gap may be trouble for Bush (Social Security)

01/12 U.S. mulls strikes on Syria

01/12 OPEC To Meet Jan. 30, Despite Iraq Request
01/12 Morgan Stanley fined record $19m

01/12 FDA warns Pfizer over painkiller

01/12 US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria

01/12 Iraqi Minister resigns in protest

01/12 NASD Fines Tripled in '04


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01/11 Bush vows push on immigration

01/11 US consumer confidence fell in Jan 9 week-report

01/11 Report: U.S. Lost 1.5 Mln Jobs to China in 1989 - 2003

01/11 Doom For The Dollar--And Everything Else

01/11 Ukraine parliament: Withdraw Iraq troops

01/11 Bush Paints Dire Picture of Social Security Future

01/11 Allawi: Some areas of Iraq may be too unsafe to vote

01/11 Despite pressure, Bush vows 'no women in combat'

01/11 Breakthrough in Treating Diabetes with Adult Stem Cells

01/11 Frenchmen told of Iraq 'holy war'


01/10 Bush names major fundraiser as economic adviser

01/10 Snow says strong dollar good for America--CNBC

01/10 Tennessee Drops 323,000 Adults From Medicaid

01/10 US official: US-China economic relations have never been better

01/10 Dollar Falls After Snow Signals U.S. Won't Try to Strengthen It

01/10 Car bombs target Basra police stations

01/10 Cuba resumes relations with all European states

01/10 Canada to raise disaster aid to $425M


01/09 Many Americans Refuse To Concede The  Presidential Election

01/09 U.S. Soldiers Kill 5 Iraqis Near Baghdad (2 policemen and 3 civilians)

01/09 Soldier Killed in IED Attack

01/09 Pentagon Considering The Use Of “Death Squads” In Iraq

01/09 An Estimated 5,500 Men And Women Have Deserted Since The Invasion Of Iraq,

01/09 Couple Goes On eBay For Medical Bill Help

01/09 Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official

01/09 Withdrawing Ukraine troops from Iraq priority, Yushchenko says

01/09 Powell Says Genocidal Acts Continuing In Darfur

01/09 Trucker missing With Cargo Of 3.6 Million Nickels

01/09 Marine Stripped Of His Purple Heart

01/09 Court martial for British soldier (More Iraqi prisoner abuse)

01/09 Allawi’s Party Manager Killed In Iraq

01/09 Samarra, Iraq Police Chief Assassinated

01/09 Powell Worried About Post Election Iraq

01/09 All Samarra Election Commission Members Resign

01/08 Blackwell!

01/08 AP: Audit Cites Improper Use of $600 Million In Homeland Security Funds In Texas

01/08 U.S. Border Patrol Arrested After 750 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Squad Car

01/08 A US Airstrike Destroys A House In Northern Iraqi Village Killing At Least 14

01/08 Militants Abduct 3 Sr. Iraqi Officials, Behead A Man And Kill At Least Four Others

01/08 Pope Criticizes U.S. Embargo Against Cuba

01/08 U.S. Officer Tells of Order to Lie in Abuse Probe

01/08 Iraq insurgents boost power of explosives

01/08 Mosul election center blown up

01/08 Power cuts halt Iraq's oil exports

01/08 Fraud in Insurance Is Vast, Spitzer Tells a State Panel

01/08 Soldier Gets Six Months in Iraqi Drowning, no Discharge

01/08 Bush poll numbers lowest of any recent two-term president

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01/07 12 Mil AIDS Orphans In Africa Barely Get A Fraction Of The Help And Aid 5 Mil Homeless Tsunami Survivors Are Quickly Receiving

01/07 Upon Returning From Iraq, MN Congressman Says Congress Is Being Deceived

01/07 Duval County, FL To Spend $1.8Mil To Equip School Officers With Tasers

01/07 Chief Economist For Morgan Stanley Says “World On The Brink Of Ruin”

01/07 75 Minnesota Legislators Attend Bipartisan Workshop "Beyond Bickering and Gridlock"

01/07 Weeks After Bush Awards Tenet With Freedom Medal, CIA Report Says He And Other High Level CIA Should Be Held Accountable For Their Pre 9/11 Failures

01/07 Oil Prices Shoot Above $45
01/07 Bush Pushes for Overhaul of U.S. Tax Code

01/07 Despite US Budget Woes, Homeland Security Summit Offers Fun in the Sun

01/07 Lawmakers Launch Historic Protest of Electoral Vote

01/07 Roadside Bomb Kills 7 U.S. Troops in Iraq

01/07 U.S. Schools Behind in Use of Technology

01/07 White House Paid Black Commentator $240,000 To Promote “No Child Behind Law

01/07 Privations weigh down Iraqi housewives

01/07 Bush expected to seek near-freeze in spending programs outside national security


01/06 US To Buy $62 Mil Worth Of Bullets From Taiwan

01/06 Senate Boosts Spending on Its Own Committees

01/06 Army Wants To Drastically Increase Length Of Part Time Reservists’ Deployments

01/06 US Spending In Iraq: $2.2 Bil On Relief/Rebuilding $10.5 Bil On Corporate Contracts

01/06 Mexico's Fox Vows Free Cancer Treatment

01/06 Nine American Troops Killed In Iraq

01/06 IRAQ: Policemen resigning due to insecurity and threats

01/06 White House Refusing To Release Gonzales Memos On Torture

01/06 U.S. Marine Killed in Action in Western Iraq (1,342nd to die in Iraq)

01/06 18 Iraqis Found Dead in Field Near Mosul

01/06 Suicide Car Bombings Kill 25 in Iraq

01/06 US Army Medical Workers Helped Tailor Interrogations of Detainees

01/06 Asia posing major challenge to American competitiveness: US chamber


01/05 Bush contributes $10,000 in personal funds for tsunami relief

01/05 Recently Ousted (Fraud) Fannie's Raines to Receive $114,393 a Month for Life

01/05 Fallujans reluctant to go home, despite aid

01/05 US Military Seeking More Money To Train More Iraqi Security

01/05 24 Fans Tasered By Police At Utah Football Game

01/05 Leaked White House Memo: “Convince public Social Security heading for iceberg”

01/05 Job Cuts Top 100,000 In December

01/05 College loans increasingly burdensome-Undergrad debt averages $18,900


01/04 Iraqi insurgents outnumber U.S. forces

01/04 36 million Americans lived in poverty in 2003

01/04 10,252 US Troops Total Wounded; 5,396 Unable To Return To Duty

01/03 Up To 5,000 Americans Missing From Tsunami


01/02 U.S. investors turning overseas to boost portfolios