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Conspiracy theories seem to be the theme for 20005 in the corporate media!


It’s not even a week into the new year and already, conspiracy theorists in the corporate media are out in force!

One of the more popular topics is the Gonzales hearing. I’ll start with the
Washington Post. There were so many different theories there, they went ahead and printed two in today’s paper. One writer said that Gonzales would, in fact, honor what he called “torture pacts”. However, one of his colleagues said that there were no “torture pacts” at all! They were actually “clemency memos”! (Clemency = “leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice”) The AP said the latter two were absurd and they were “prisoner treaties”. Moving on, it must have been tin foil hat day at the USA Today, which claimed the hearing was simply a chance for Gonzales to show he's more than a “yes man”. And the KC Star said that the hearings wouldn’t even focus on Gonzales, but on detainees.


In other conspiracy theory news, a writer for the USA Today, which is a popular gathering place for Republican whores, came out from the grassy knoll and said
that many of the people in George Bush’s cabinet are not who most people think they are, saying “rather than follow the traditional path of populating his Cabinet with academics, Washington insiders and CEOs, Bush has assembled a Cabinet that is not only diverse in gender and ethnicity but also an American mosaic in background. Hmmmm, I guess it’s possible?


WP: Attorney General Pick Vows to Honor Torture Pacts

WP: Gonzales's Clemency Memos Criticized

USA Today: Gonzales has chance to show he's more than a 'yes man'

KC Star: Gonzales' confirmation hearing likely to focus on detainees

AP: Gonzales Vows to Follow Prisoner Treaties

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